Madrid Edition: Artemisa

Where we ate?
Artemisa (Vegetarian Restaurant)

What we ordered there?
Mexican Salad
Seasoned/Breaded Soy Burger
Vegetable Curry
Stuffed Bell Pepper
Vegetable Rice Medley
Apple Tart
A Glass of White Wine
(€11.90) Set Menu

Great price point for the sizes they offer

Do they take forever?
Not at all, they have a nice pace here (especially as we came in towards the ending of the lunch menu)

How’s the ambiance?
Relaxed, not too casual but you’d be appropriate in jeans yet wouldn’t look over dressed if you made a more formal effort

How can you pay?
Cash & Credit Card

Care to see what they offer?
Artemisa Menu

Want to know what we think/thought?
I get skeptical when trying new food & new vegetarian restaurants.

I almost always worry that I’ll be underwhelmed, dissatisfied, or just bored with the selections.

However, when visiting Artemisa I went with an open mind willing to try something new.

I ordered the Mexican salad first! Let me explain this Mexican salad in depth! The portion is one thing I was best pleased with! It was bigger then I expected. Not only did it have olives… It also had GUACAMOLE accompanied by tortilla chips, tomatoes & a lemon sauce…

This salad was exceptionally fresh! I also loved the traditional plate it was served in.


After devouring my salad I didn’t even think I had the capacity to eat more from the set menu!

There were two main course options I ordered the first option which included: A Seasoned/Breaded Soy Burger, Vegetable Curry, Stuffed Bell Pepper, & Vegetable Rice Medley. Which was belly filling without having the need to eat! I instantly became full upon one glance of my plate!!!


This meal was heavy & had food in abundance so it was slightly overwhelming for me. My favourite piece of the meal were the vegetable rice medley as well as the seasoned/breaded soy burger. The curry wasn’t a curry I was familiar with at all, it was not spicy nor did it have the usual tint most curries are highlighted with.

Due to the late timing of my visit I was slightly rushed & took my dessert (which was an apple tarts) to go!

The staff were accommodating and sweet.


Madrid Edition: Breakfast at VIPS


Where we ate?

What we ordered there?
Three Pancakes & Mint Tea (€3.95)



Inexpensive if you order from the breakfast menu

Do they take forever?
Their service is slow & nonchalant

How’s the ambiance?
We sat outside to enjoy the weather, it is one of their busier locations within (the financial district) Madrid

How can you pay?
Cash & Credit

Care to see what they offer?

Want to know what we think/thought?
VIPS is a very casual restaurant, not the most lavish place yet they offer late breakfasts (by Madrid’s standards) which is a novelty in Madrid!!!

The service here is not exceptional as the staff are slow & nonchalant in their approach!

Although an “English” Menu is offered here the staff have little knowledge of the language & prefer to be guided through the menu by pointing!

The food is okay, decent when compared to their prices.

Sherrise 1/2 of Sherelle
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Madrid Edition: Shapla (Indian)


Where we ate?

What we ordered there?
Onion Bhajis
Vegetable Samosas
Saag Paneer
Cauliflower/Vegetable Curry
Garlic Naan Bread
Basmati Rice
Summer Wine (Tinto de Verano)
White Wine
(Total: €16.00) 2 set meals (from set menu)


Inexpensive! Great prices especially when you order from the set menu

Do they take forever?
Not at all. Speedy service without being rushed!

How’s the ambiance?
The ambiance is how you make it if you’re outside. However it is amazingly beautiful to sit outside to enjoy the weather whilst you glance at locals getting on with their day to day activities.

How can you pay?
Cash & Credit Card

Care to see what they offer?
Shapla Menu

Want to know what we think/thought?
Arriving into Spain I didn’t know what I wanted to eat. I had a friend shoot out cuisines & we settled for Indian!

Yes my first meal in Spain was an Indian meal!

We sat outside & glanced at a family eating happily together during their midday siesta (how inspiring?) as well as a couple who gazed at one another!


My friend & I decided that we’d order from the set menu as we’d be able to eat more (for less) & split some of our meal with one another! So we had a mini feast. Concluding that our eyes would be satisfied as well as out stomachs 🙂



We received a complimentary Dosa with two chutney sauces (one of mint flavouring & the next a spicer tomato mix)! The mint was perfectly smooth & complimented the Dosa exceptionally so I stuck with the mint!



The onion bhajis & vegetable samosas came next! I have had my fair share of bhajis yet this tandoori coated bhaji made my day!!! With no exaggeration I loved the bhaji the softness & taste!



The Saag Paneer was tasty I haven’t had one that has been unfavourable yet (I’m sure you will all be the first to know if & when I do) I also try to save some of the Dosa enabling me to eat it with the Saag Paneer & that in itself is a treat!

The garlic naan was potent! You are able to see, taste, & smell the garlic which I did not shy from! I just ensured I had a mint close by!!!

I’m a fan of curry also & the Cauliflower/vegetable Curry wasn’t as spicy as I’d hope but it was smooth & pleasant to eat in the heat of Madrid without having to call the fire brigade! This was accompanied by basmati rice which is consistently good in any Indian restaurant I have visited!



The white wine complimented my dishes entirely & I can say that I was full by the time we were ready to leave!

As mentioned prior we were not rushed, we spend a total of (approximately) 2-2 1/2 hours here & not once did we feel rushed or as if we were an inconvenience to the staff!

Thank you Shapla!!!!

**Note that in Spain they offer a “Summer Red Wine” also known as Tinto de Verano. This is simply a red wine with a carbonated soda added to it. It’s extremely common for locals & some compare it to Sangria.

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You Must Try: Los Perros Locos


Where we ate?
Los Perros Locos

Located in the LES:
201 Allen St.
Corner of Houston
New York, NY 10002

Sunday – Wednesday 12 Noon- 1 AM
Thursday 12 Noon- 3 AM
Friday + Saturday 12 Noon- 4 AM

What we ordered there?
We’ve tried nearly every Hot Dog here but this time we had:


Salchipapas “Locas” ($5.50) :
Waffle Fries
Hot Dog
Salsa Rosada
Salsa Verde
Tricolor Marble Potatoes
Fried Bacon

“Pablo Escobar” Hot Dog ($6.50) :
Pineapple Sauce
Apple Chipotle Slaw
Potato Chips
KewPie Mayo
Cotija Cheese

“Mexi-Max” Hot Dog ($7) :
Sriracha Pico de Gallo
Chipotle Kraut
ChipZana Sauce
Salsa Verde
Cotija Cheese
Crushed Fritos

Worth every penny!

Do they take forever?
Doesn’t feel like it at all!

How’s the ambiance?
For such a small space, the ambiance is incredible!
It’s a fun, laid back spot in the city where you’ll find yourself singing along to 90’s hits, Reggae, Spanish music etc.

You definitely feel as if your kicking back in miami!

How can you pay?
Cash & Debit/Credit 🙂

Care to see what they offer?
Please do!

Los Perros Locos Menu

Want to know what we think/thought?
Ah, what can I say other than I’m slightly obsessed with this place!

I’m a such a sucker for the amazing food, music and atmosphere
Trust me, I’ve been here more than a few times and it never disappoints.. ever.

Plus, the service is always friendly & they bring your food to you as well, so sweet 🙂

I must bring Sher here! they have Veggie Dogs!!!! 😀

Michelle 1/2 of Sherelle
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London Edition: Bartender Special

Attending a British BBQ you will notice quickly that there are more than a few social alcoholics. You will also notice a quite liberal bar, with a slew of alcoholic beverages you’d only imagine seeing being housed in a real bar.

So naturally as the non-alcoholic i began to watch friends & family having an amazing time! I wondered “what drinks could I concoct?” Oh I’m a drink chemist apparently! Look at this beauty!


It reminds me of my trip to Dominican Republic (aka DR, Dom Rep, The Dominican, Republica Domincana) the exotic nature of each drink was inspiring the colours were pretty as well as vibrant!

What does my drink consist of?
-Fizzy Lemonade (you can use sprite)
-Raspberry & Cranberry Juice

1) Pour Disaronno into glass 3-5 caps full
2) Add half cup of lemonade
3) Add half cup of raspberry & cranberry juice


Enjoy 🙂

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London Edition: Crispy Apple Pies

Crunch Crunch Crunch!

Even late at night you couldn’t catch me at McDonalds.

Disclaimer: I will say this… If your McDonalds sells deep fried apple pies you’ll find me in the queue! Be sure to keep it a secret though…

I am addicted to apple pies which are deep fried… It just so happens that they are in high demand in McDonalds which are housed in London!!!

For 99p I think I’m guilty of indulging more than thrice!
Look at these beauties ->


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