London Edition: Chips & Pickled Onion

As soon as I touched down in London I knew my first meal would consist of Chip shop chips & a pickled onion!!!


You cannot forget to sprinkle salt & vinegar on your chips!!!


Here are the pickled onions!!!!!!!!!


It tasted scrumptious!

Sherrise 1/2 of Sherelle
We Review: Food & That!
@sherellesfoodandthat (Instagram)

Thank You: Fran of Gourmet Garage


We would like to thank Fran of Gourmet Garage for being one of the most patient & solution oriented people we have met!

After reaching out to Gourmet Garage regarding our disdain towards a prior issue (see here), Fran was quick to solve our dilemma, addressed it properly, & complemented us with $25 worth of gift cards.

Thank you once again Fran!

Sherrise 1/2 of Sherelle
We Review: Food & That!
@sherellesfoodandthat (Instagram)


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